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I'm a bit nervous about burlesque. What's it all about?

Burlesque is a form of dance that involves a bit of comedy, a little bit of tease and a lot of fun. Our aim at Sparkle Burlesque is to make you feel as comfortable as possible. The beauty of burlesque is that you don't have to be a dancer or know anything about dancing. All you need is an open mind and maybe a glass of sparkling and you'll have a great time! You can read more about the history of burlesque on our Sparkle Burlesque blog here.

What should I wear to my Sparkle Burlesque party?

It's a party so we encourage you to dress up! Heels are a good idea or shoes that you feel comfortable in. If your Sparkle Burlesque party is the first stop of your day or night you can always change your shoes to comfortable shoes for the lesson and then pop your heels back on. Sparkle Burlesque provides all props like feather boas and gloves for you to razzle dazzle.

I'm having a hens party and I want the Mums to be there. Will they enjoy burlesque?

Yes! We love having Mums come along for burlesque lessons with our groups large and small! They are usually happy to enjoy the party with their nearest and dearest. We've seen our share of Mums who get right into the moves and come away with some amazing burlesque dance moves! Please let us know if you have any special requests like a favourite song that you would like to celebrate with and we can make it happen.

I haven't seen anything that quite suits my needs. 

Ask us about tailoring packages! We would be happy to help and make your party a glittering occasion. 

Do you have corporate packages available?

We have a range of Sparkle Burlesque corporate packages available and we can tailor these to suit any budget. Our corporate parties are designed with a range of workplace styles in mind and we are always mindful of the professional nature of these events. But we still make sure you and your colleagues will have fun and we have found that a little sample lesson helps break the ice!  

I have limitations with movement either as a person with disability, due to injury, illness, fitness or other reasons. How do you ensure accessibility to your burlesque classes and parties?

We are so glad you asked! Access is super important to us at Sparkle Burlesque. All of our teachers are trained in dance and can offer alternative movement options. Our venue, The Drum Room, is accessible for all and we have measures in place to assist with any accessibility needs. We also have a burlesque teacher who specialises in AUSLAN. Please ask us about how we can meet your needs so that you can have a fun, fabulous and sparkly time!

What happens if someone gets injured during my class or party?

All of our teachers are first aid trained with up to date certificates. We also carry insurance for dance instruction if any injury results from the activities in class or your party. We also have a chat about the physical aspects of burlesque dancing before each class or party so that you can decide whether to participate! We hope this makes you feel safe and excited to learn burlesque.

I love burlesque and I’m keen to do regular classes. Do you offer burlesque classes? What about more advanced levels now that I’m super bumpy and grindy?

Unfortunately we are mainly a party and events business, with specialist courses or classes (such as our amazing Sexy Mamas course or our themed workshops) offered throughout the year. We recommend you go to our fabulous friends over at Sydney Vintage Dance School to continue your taste for tease.

What happens if I don’t have the minimum numbers for my party?

We do our absolute best to make sure that your hens party is affordable and fun regardless of the number of people. If you are unable to make the minimum number for some of our packages we ask that you pay the minimum amount per party divided by the number of attendees. This may make it a little more per person but you will be able to access all of the features of the party package you desire. If this is not really for you then we are happy to tailor a party package to your budget so just get in touch with us to find out how.