When we think of Hens parties, we’ve probably all got the same image in our minds, and it’s one that’s totally overdone. For those who aren’t into clubs, strippers and penis straws (why) Sparkle Burlesque has some fun ideas for you to plan your party stress-free, stripper free and yawn free, too!

The Appetiser

This is how we begin the day, and there’s food involved, so the title suits perfectly. More importantly, there’s wine involved. Kick off the afternoon with a wine and cheese tasting tour in a fun part of the city. It’s a great excuse to get dressed up and have fun with the girls, and a pre-organised tour booking means that transport is covered. You should be able to find a tour that has a little lunch or afternoon tea involved as part of a package as well, so it’s go all of your basic needs covered. Plus, if you’re part of the girl gang that swallows instead of swirls your wine tastings, everyone’s getting a little loosened up ready for the next activity. If you’re not a wine fan, you can try a brewery tour – if you’re totally alcohol free then a chocolate factory tour might press all the right buttons, or basically any other kind of tour where food is provided.

The Main Course

The main course should be a little time consuming, and something that everyone will enjoy. If there’s girls in the group that haven’t previously met, we think a workshop is a way more comfortable way of getting to know each other than out in the club. There’s workshops for art, macramé, knitting, glass blowing and other kinds of crafts. Some even provide a complimentary bubbly so, yeah there’s that. A craft course is a super cute idea because you’ll be able to personalise whatever you make, and everyone in the group will have a handmade piece of memorabilia to take home from the Hens party! We think any type of creative workshop is a great memory maker and a perfect place to bond, but if you’re not feeling artsy then a cooking class, language class or even a sport class might be a great option for your squad.


Oh this is everyone’s favourite part, you know you’ve been looking forward to it since the whole thing was mentioned and maybe you wore your stretchy pants just for the occasion. Which is perfect, because dessert in this case ends the night with a Sparkle Burlesque party pack. Chocolate dipped strawberries, a complementary bottle of champagne and the art of tease for you and your girls. The best part? You can do this one at home, so much like the chocolate cake, you can take it all in without worrying about anyone seeing you. We have a huge range of packages to choose from that will suit your whole squad, and since every activity so far has included wine, you can be pretty certain it’s going to be a great time.

Daynah Johnson