Why Staying In Could Make for the Perfect Hen’s Night

Planning a Hen’s party is a pretty big deal, and sometimes a lot of pressure. The venue, the transport, the activities, the entertainment. Well here at Sparkle Burlesque we actually believe it should be easy, and that’s why we think a night in might be just the party you’re looking for – especially if you can get some hot entertainment and activities to come to you (yeah, us).

A night in doesn’t have to be cheap, and it can mean doing exactly what you want to do with no restrictions and no fuss. Here’s the benefits:

No Time Limits

You don’t have to run for the bus or book a taxi ahead of time – host the bride squad at your place and you get ongoing fun without having to leave a place just as it’s picking up. Plus, if everyone’s at your place you can even order breakfast in (greasy food maybe?).

Decorate to Taste

You can have the whole place looking exactly how the bride would want it, without having to hire out an entire venue or worrying about other guests at a public place stealing the limelight (or the decorations). Plus, there’s no limits at your own place! Get some balloons, some super cute etsy decorations, or go all out with glitter and confetti (and a high powered vacuum).

Just the Squad

Look, we’re not saying that no one else is invited.. but no one else is invited so having a place where it’s only the bride’s crew is really ideal for a Hen’s night. Totally let loose surrounded by just the brides’ friends, and no interruptions, all night long.


It’s not uncommon for the #squad to want to knock back a margarita or two on such a big night, and if your squad is anything like mine, someone’s going to sleep a little early. You’ll be able to make sure they get there safely because they don’t even have to leave. If anyone needs to lay down, sit down, or throw up at any point there’s no shame in the comfort of their friends’ home!

Sparkle Burlesque

Yeah, we’re probably the number one reason to have a Hen’s night at home. Our Burlesque in the Boudoir package will have your whole squad on their feet with the best Hen’s night entertainment for home parties in Sydney. You get an hour long lesson with one of gorgeous Sparkle teachers, including props like feather fans and satin gloves to make you feel like the real deal. There’s even a naughty little gift for the guest of honour and we provide some party games for everyone to enjoy as well! Loosen up with 2 bottles of sparkling provided by us and enjoy a photo shoot with the props, too. A real night to remember while learning the art of tease – a perfect talent to take into married life.

Hope to see you at the house party!

Ms Sparkles