Wedding Trend Predictor for 2019

There’s the classic themes when it comes to weddings – rustic, vintage, boho, etc. However, styles and trends come and go within the wedding industry just like any other. It could be the dress styles, the range of food, seasonal trends or even the colour schemes that get updates. Of course, we fully recommend sticking to your own personal style for your big day, but this doesn’t stop wedding shops and suppliers from changing with the times. No need to feel overwhelmed, we’ve compiled the top five trends to look for in the 2019 wedding season.


Thanks to Meghan Markle, you’re going to be seeing a lot of boat neck and off-the-shoulder style dresses in the upcoming wedding season. Long sleeves are here to stay, and much to our Sparkle Burlesque pleasure, sparkles and glitter are coming in with a bang. Floral lace is slowly being replaced by geometric lace patterns. We’re still going to be in white for the foreseeable future, but peaches and baby sea blues are also taking centre stage for non-traditional types.


Another Markle debacle, tiaras are back in style and are being manufactured by diamond companies in exquisite styles. Boho headpieces in diamond are also taking the stage for those a little turned off by the crown look. Aside from diamonds, leaf and feather styles are making their way onto the scene as rustic, earthy themes become more and more on trend in the wedding game.

Colour Schemes

The past few years have seen a lot of pastels and muted colour palates within the bridal theme, but it’s predicted the deep, rich colours are about to steal the show. This goes for balloons, bridesmaids’ dresses and even flowers. Table settings are coming to the show in royal purple and other bright, show stopping colours and it seems pastel might be out altogether this coming year.


Sit down dinners will always be a go to, but we’re also starting to see a lot more buffets. 2019 brings themed food stations, donut boards, decorative platter spreads and cupcake towers. Taco stands and pizza bars will be making a big appearance, and cocktails and custom drink menus seem to be taking the place of the classic beer and bubbly.

Hens Parties

The classic club crawl is a thing of the past as planned out Bachelorette parties include an itinerary of food and activities. Taking the form of baby showers, Hen’s Parties now include games, hashtags and themed decorations. Workshops and guided tours are a fan favourite with Hens party organisers lately, and of course our burlesque packages fall perfectly into that category.

So, if you’re getting married in 2019, there might be a little party planning to do. Let us take the weight off your shoulders with one of our Hens party packages – book now.

Daynah Johnson