You might not consider some burlesque entertainment for your end of year Christmas party, but here at Sparkle Burlesque we’ve got a unique service that’s perfect for any event. Whether it’s a corporate break up or a few friends celebrating Christmas in style, here’s 3 examples of when your Christmas party should contain a little sparkle.


If you’re a fun working team of all women, our Christmas packages are the perfect way to let loose, bond and enjoy some time together after a long working year. Trust building and team work comes into play as you all get to indulge in a mini burlesque lesson, showing each other your fun side and maybe making some office friends you haven’t had a chance to chat to yet. This is a great package to organise if you’re a team leader since we’ve got all of the details sorted for you! From Christmas decoration and fun festive themed drinks on the menu, your exclusive Burlesque Christmas party will be talk of the office next year. VIP access to The Drum Room at Knox St Bar will make your girls feel like the stars that they are.

Friends the Reunion

Life gets busy when you’re an adult, but Christmas time is the perfect excuse to catch up and have fun while everyone has some time off. VIP access to The Drum Room at Knox St Bar will have you all feeling luxurious, and after a few of our Christmas Cocktails you’ll all be doing the most in your burlesque lesson. Have some fun with our feather fans and props and bond over memories while making brand new ones.

Corporate Entertainment

Maybe you don’t want to take lessons, and that’s fine – our professional show girls can fluff the crowd at your corporate party, adding a bit of glamour and fun to the scene. We’ve even got a few tricks up our sleeve with professional burlesque performances if you’re looking for a main act on your night. It’s definitely something your staff will rave about, and a totally unique touch for your awesome crew.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our XMAS Party Page here to see how we can make your event the best it can be. Have a very Sparkly Christmas!

Daynah Johnson