What Does a Bridesmaid Actually Do?

So you’ve been asked to be bridesmaid? Hooray! You’re part of the #bridetribe. But, what does that actually mean? (Well, apart from hashtagging bridetribe and girlsquad, obvi). Every bride will have different requirements, but here’s a fun cheat sheet of things to keep in mind upon your induction into the bridesmaid hall of honour!

Be There for the Bride

Odds are, this is going to be a high-stress time, even if those issues don’t seem too big to you. With everything going on, sometimes the bride is going to need someone to complain to about little things without being told it’s ‘not a big deal’. Don’t ramp up the stress, but allow her to vent in the way you normally would as a gf, just way more often.

Contribute to the Party

It’s usually the Maid of Honour’s job to organise the Hen’s night, but you’ll still be asked to throw some ideas around and possibly help contribute to the costs. Check out our Pinterest board for some fun games and décor ideas, and check out our Party Packages if you’re searching for the perfect entertainment.

Attend ALL Events

There’s really no excuse for not being at the bridal shower, Hen’s night and you especially can’t miss the wedding! Book work off in advance and tell your partner to scat, its girls night.

Be a Ninja

No wedding in the history of weddings has gone off smoothly. Any bride who thinks hers did probably had ninja bridesmaids, just like you’re going to be. Check out our Ultimate Wedding Day Survival Kit post to find out all the things you should have on hand in case of emergency, and be prepared to have a backup plan for everything from lights, music, meals and seating!

So, a contributing ninja with perfect attendance and good set of listening ears – how hard could it be, right? Okay, so it’s a little bit much. Luckily for you, we’ve created a community where bridesmaids to be and maids of the past can come together and talk strategy and all things bridesmaid! Come join us at Secret Bridesmaids Business.

Daynah Johnson