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Need some help planning the BEST Hen’s party of the year? We are here to help you! Read through our step by step plan of making sure you have the best night with all your friends.

1.      The Basics

Here is everything you need to get started planning your perfect Hen’s party.

  • The Date

  • Location (General etc Sydney, Melbourne)

  •  Who is going

  • Keep cost in mind - what is the likely budget of your guests?

  • Plan ahead of time

  • Keep the Bride and her interests in mind not your own

  • Don’t over plan too much but have back-ups in mind in case of emergencies

  • Have fun icebreaker games planned to introduce everyone (Sparkle Burlesque can give you some great ideas!)


2.      The Theme

After you get all your basics sorted you’ll need to pick a theme for the night. This is a really fun part of the night but also helps a lot when planning. It will also decide on some of the activities planned, food, and dress code. Will you decided to go for a pink and sparkle theme? Or how about a burlesque theme? There are so many good options you can play around and have fun with it! This is best to pick when thinking of the bride and what she would want. A fun way to get into the theme is also to plan party packs for the night.

3.      Food

Make sure you find a nice place to get food and drinks at to get your night started! It is a good way to start off your night with food. You can do your ice breakers and hand out your party packs during dinner. You’ll need to book in your dinner in advance. A tip if you want to save time at the restaurant most places will take orders in advance for large parties to get them prepared when you arrive. Also make sure you keep allergies in mind. If you end up booking out a room for dinner you will be able to put up decorations beforehand that can go with your theme and make the dinner more fun. Make sure they have nice drinks on the menu, or even plan on going to a place that is BYO and organise bringing your own drinks.

4.      Activities

Everyone wants something fun to do with the girls and this will end up being the highlight of the night! Here at Sparkle Burlesque we have you covered. We have all different party sizes, and a private showing room so you and the girls can have fun in style. Are you ready to shake, shimmy, and shine? Check out our packages here!

5.      Transportation

After you have sorted your activities and food location you will need to figure out transportation. There is a number of different options to go from renting a party bus for the whole night or getting ubers from place to place. Just make sure you plan this out and keep the mind in time from traveling from location to location. Be cautious of walking to far since most girls will be wearing heels and drinking.

If you have any questions at all you can contact us and we can help answer all of your party related issues!

Ms Sparkles