Burlesque has had a long and glorious history with a recent resurgence in popularity (you can read about the history of burlesque in our earlier blog post here). In this post we explore the names synonymous with class, beauty and the glamour of this beautiful artform.



Dita Von Teese

Today one of the most famous burlesque dancer that is still alive is American, Dita Von Teese. She has been doing burlesque since the early 90s and is famous for her extravagant costumes and great use of props. Dita Von Teese is dubbed as being the reason burlesque is becoming popular again.

Photo Credit: Vogue


Gypsy Rose Lee

One of the famous burlesque dancers back in the early 1920s was Gypsy Rose Lee. She was known as one of the best strip-tease performers. Her rise to fame was accidental when she was dancing and her dress broke and fell off, but she continued to dance. She quickly realised how captivated the audience was and starting to perform burlesque regularly. The famous musical “Gypsy” was written as a memoir about her life.


Mae West

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The famous actress Mae West started out as a dancer before getting her big break in Hollywood. She started out dancing burlesque at a young age and was considered risqué. It is said that she even inspired Marilyn Monroe and is considered one of the biggest stars of the time. She later even became a playwright.



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