Obviously time with our main girls and guys is entertaining enough, but there’s no harm in having a jam packed itinerary of entertainment to ensure no boredom (and lots of mingling) when it comes to a fabulous Hen’s Party! We thing Hen’s Party games are a great idea – you can play them while you wait for the club or pub to liven up, in between activities, you can even play Hen’s party games on transport while you’re waiting to hit the next venue! Here at Sparkle Burlesque we love to laugh and pop bottles, so we’ve got three Hen’s party games to share with you that we think the whole bride tribe will have fun with.

How Well Do You Know The Bride?

We know that the hen’s party can sometimes consist of people who met the bride in all different ways – from the sister in law and high school best friend through to work mates and hubby to be’s best gal pal! This how well do you know the bride hen’s party game is a great way to let everyone learn a bit more, and gets the whole group involved if there’s anyone attending that hasn’t met everyone yet!

Here are some ‘how well do you know the bride’ questions to inspire you!

1. What is her shoe size?

2. Which high school did she attend?

3. Least favourite food?

4. Movie that always makes her cry?

5. Celeb crush?

6. Where did she meet the groom?

7. Dream holiday destination?

8. How many siblings does she have?

9. Favourite drink?

10. What’s her biggest fear?

Try adding your own for some more bridesmaid fun!

What’s On Your Phone?

This is a point’s based game – so you can choose to give out a prize, or loser buys shots (or takes shots). Usually in this one, the person with the most post loses. This is a game you can play on the go as long as you’ve got the scoring system written down or stored on your phone!

Three Points if:

1. You’ve got at least three selfies in your gallery

2. Instagram is installed

3. Your screensaver has you in it!

Two Points if:

1. You have Pinterest!

2. Your battery is less than 50%

3. You have more than 40 contacts

One Point if:

1. You have an iPhone

2. You still have Candy Crush!

3. Your ringtone is a song

You can add your own to this one, make it as personal as you want!

Sydney Pub Crawl

This one is exclusively a great Hen’s Party idea for Sydney, since we know it’s the place to have one! So Sydney hen’s nights, get ready to paint the town with our pub crawl challenge. The person with the least amount of points is the loser, so you get to choose their punishment, or the winners’ prize!

1. Get the cocktail of the week from Knox Street Bar! 5 points!

2. Get a stranger to buy you a drink! 3 points!

3. Hit three bars in thirty minutes! 7 points!

4. Request one song from a DJ at any venue, and hear it play. 10 points!

5. Learn a bartenders name at Knox Street Bar! 3 points.

Daynah Johnson