Why Dance Lessons Make the Best Birthday Fun

While birthdays are exciting, trying to come up with something new and fun every year can be a bit tricky – especially if you’re a part of a big friend group and you’ve got to do it ten times. Maybe you’ve recycled some ideas, but this year we’ve got a fresh new birthday party idea right here in Sydney that will have you and your friends buzzing all night long.

The ultimate Sydney birthday party idea, why not get some burlesque dance lessons while you knock back some bubbly with your closest pals? Here’s a list of reasons we think group burlesque lessons in the hottest Sydney venue might just be a night you’ll never forget.

Get Everyone Involved

Maybe it’s not your usual crew and you’ve got a new work friend to introduce to everyone. Our teachers at Sparkles are super friendly and love to get the whole group involved, so if you’re worried about anyone feeling left out of conversation – fear no more! Plus what better way to get to know everyone than with a glass of champers, really?

Get Everyone Moving

Once the rhythm gets to you (and it will) everyone is sure to be in the mood to continue the party. If any of your friends headed out with the expectation of a quiet night and you’ve been desperately trying to change their minds ever since, our sparkly moves and bubbly teachers will definitely tip them over to the dark side. Oh, the actual bubbly will do that too (but I think that’s the third time I’ve used wine as a selling point).

Think of it as PRACTICE

Take your new moves out to the bar, club, or even home to the bedroom. The art of tease is fun pretty much anywhere.

Making Memories

A dance class after a few drinks is bound to lead to a laugh or fifty when you’re with your closest friends. The best part about burlesque is that you totally embrace your OWN power and sensuality, so you can’t really be bad at it. If your friends are anything like ours, that won’t stop them from making a few funny moves along the way. Plus, some of our celebration packages come with a mini photo shoot that includes props! Keepsakes from the night make these lessons a great choice for a milestone birthday (flirty thirty, anyone?)

If you’re here, you probably already know all of the reasons that you and your squad would have the best birthday at a sparkly extravaganza – so click here to see what we’ve got to offer (party bags and EXTRA bubbly can be found in Sparkly Extras).

Daynah Johnson