Valentine’s Day in Sydney


Ah, the Summer of love. Well, the day of love anyway. 14th of February is Valentine’s Day, the day to spoil the one you love and simply enjoy each other’s company – but what is there to actually do? Dinner? Netflix? We do most of that daily now. Flowers? Chocolates, again? After a little while, the day seems to become just a build of pressure to out-do the last year, but luckily we’ve got some ideas up our sleeves that will make your Valentine’s way better than the last!

Dinner and Dance

We know, we just said dinner was overdone, but when was the last time you both let go a little and tried some specialty cocktails? What about boutique beers? The Knox St Bar in Chippendale has a relaxed theme and is perfect for an intimate dinner. The rustic food is bound to please and guess what – no dishes! You’ll enjoy the atmosphere but most of all, you’ll be able to try some delicious cocktails and boutique beers that aren’t available at all of the restaurants out there.

A Harbour Cruise

The Sydney Harbour cruise seems to be something only tourists do – but there’s so much in it for the locals! You can get a cruise that comes with cocktails, or a cruise that comes with dinner. It’s a real outing with romantic scenery, and everything is taken care of. If you like to dress up – you’re on a cruise, go all out! But you can also enjoy this activity in a more relaxed setting if it’s what you’re into. The best part about this one is that it’s like a mini holiday, but you’re still not too far from home if you have a little too much to drink.

A Picnic!

Save some cash and organise your own lunch or dinner with a romantic picnic. There are a lot of great spots to choose from in our big City, such as Bradfield Park, Cockatoo Park or West Head Lookout to name just a few. Gorgeous views allow for romance to shine through and apart from transport and food, this is a pretty much no cost activity that suits couples on a budget. Also, a perfect choice for those who like to keep it low key, and nature lovers!

Be Our Glamentine!

Forget the 14th, the 16th is delivering the goods. Come on down to Knox St Bar for a glamorous night of burlesque, vintage jazz and a few glasses of bubbly! We’ve got some amazing performers lined up, and a visit from the Desvalido Lingerie Truck selling some unique, luxury goodies! Check out the event page to find out more!

Daynah Johnson