5 hens night ideas for the not so traditional bride

Here at Sparkle Burlesque we love glitter, glam, champagne and the colour pink in all variations just as much as the person (maybe even more) – but we also know how to get down with the dark diva within. If you’re getting married and your squad isn’t really the type for tiaras or listening to Beyoncé while you put on lipstick and play kiss the miss goodbye, then we’ve got five super fun ideas for you and the crew that are a little more edge queen and a little less pop princess.

Oh Sh*t Kit

Some brides greet their bridesmaids with a cute little box of robes and keepsakes – the Oh Sh*t Kit is there to spice up the night and contains everything you need to survive what’s ahead. If you’re in for a night of drinking, we recommend filling your kit with the following:

• A small pack of paracetamol

• A pair of sunglasses

• A bottle of water

• Berocca

• A shot glass

• A mini bottle of Jack Daniels or Absinthe

Prosecco Pong

It’s like Beer Pong, but way classier. Get your girls around the table with the wine glasses at the ready, filled with bubbly and ready to drink. Every time an opponent lands a lolly ring in your drink, drink it. Note: you’ll need a few lolly rings for this one – especially if some of you are a terrible shot.

Adventure Weekend

You know you can go zip lining and sky diving over the course of two days, right? Forget cold feet, if you can get through these you can get through anything. If your squad is alcohol free and full of adrenalin junkies, why not chase the high together? A group bungee trip, anyone?

Burlesque Dancing

You know burlesque dancing is the ultimate style of dance no matter your group aesthetic. In fact, here at Sparkle Burlesque we’ve got a range of classes and party styles that cater to every group – including Hip Hop, Retro, Bump n’ Grind and Bells & Tassels to name a few! With props and a choreographed lesson, you’ll be able to take your new moves to any venue that suits your squad’s style.

So what do you think? If you have any other party ideas that branch off from the classic club theme, head over to our Facebook group and share them with the girls! It’s the best place to get inspo from fellow bridesmaids. See you there!

Daynah Johnson