Three Fun Wedding Food Ideas for Brides on a Budget

When it comes to a wedding, a huge expense comes from feeding everyone. If you’ve got 100 guests and planning a three course meal, you could be looking at a minimum of $5000 on food alone! Once you add in any wine and beer, the budget starts to blow out and getting everyone at the venue a meal starts to cost more than the venue itself. Luckily, with new wedding trends taking off in 2019, there’s now a lot of alternatives to the traditional seated meal – and some of them even fit in with the theme of the wedding and add to the aesthetic while remaining just as delicious, leaving everyone satisfied and still looking classy on a budget.

While a buffet or finger food is always a great money saver, we’ve got some pretty creative ideas from the wedding scene, and compiled our top three favourites to making a super fabulous meal while saving big money for the honeymoon (or, more budget for the dress).

1. Taco Stand!

Everyone loves tacos, surely? You can be as basic or as extravagant as you want with this one while still saving money. From different seasonings and salad fillings, through to beef, fish, chicken, beans or tofu main ingredient. This idea can cater to all of your friends and family whether they’re vegan, vegetarian or even gluten free if you have a variety of taco shells and tortillas to choose from. A build your own taco stand means no one gets anything they don’t like, and people can grab seconds and try a different type. Different sauces to choose from adds to flavour options. Tacos are super filling as well, leaving everyone feeling as good as they would after a big meal.

2. Grazing Station

Once the ceremony is over, everyone can help themselves while they dance and socialize. It’s a lot more casual than a sit down meal and may even suit the bride and grooms personality a little more than something so formal. Grazing stations can consist of huge platters, from fruit and salads to meats, cheeses, crackers and more. You can even have sweets themed grazing stations! There’s really no limit to the options and the aesthetic, meaning you can easily theme the station to the rest of your wedding. Cold cuts and fancy cheeses to suit a rustic or formal theme, cupcakes, churros and sweet dipping sauces for a sweeter theme.

3. Donut Board

You know all about the wedding cake tax, right? Well while there is good reasoning behind it, when you’re wanting to let everyone have a piece of the dessert, it gets a bit much. We love the cupcake stand ideas, but we’re currently obsessed with donut boards! A big board with one donut for everyone that can be frosted to match the small cake that belong solely to the bride and groom. If you don’t want them to match the cake, talented bakers can get the bride and grooms initials featured on the donuts, match the bridesmaids dresses, or almost any other aspect of your overall theme! Everyone gets a bit of celebratory sweets, without it costing the newlyweds $50 per serve.

Do you have any food station ideas you love? Come over to our Secret Bridesmaids Business Facebook group and share your little tips! If you’re still in the planning phase, check out our Ultimate Wedding Day Survival Checklist to make things a little easier!

Daynah Johnson