Wedding Decoration Ideas for Budget Brides!

Wanting to keep the costs down for a wedding is totally reasonable, and it’s super exciting when you find ways to cut corners so that you can spend more on the dress, the cake, the honeymoon or even extra seating for a few more guests to attend (or you know, for the Hen’s Party). It’s even better when you can simply cut costs and keep the extra money in your pocket, ready for the new life you’re going to start. An area that is easy to keep the prices low in is wedding decorations. When it comes to inexpensive wedding decorations, they’re a factor you can do for low cost without anyone even realising! Even if you’ve got a lot of your budget left to spend, some of these ideas are too cute to pass up. So let’s get into it!

Grab an All-Inclusive Venue

Some halls and wedding venues have packages that include decorations for your use. They do come with an extra surcharge, but they work out to be a lot cheaper than sourcing it all yourself. If you venue shop you might just find the perfect place with the theme of décor you were dreaming of. This is also a fantastic choice for the environment – reusable decorations with nothing going in to landfill.

Speaking of venues, maybe getting married outside could be all of the decoration you need? A serene beach, a bright cherry blossom location? Make the most of the earth around you and the season your wedding is taking place, and you might be able to let Mother Nature do the work with a few simple additions, like arch hire and ribbons for the seats!

Ditch the Flowers

Look, we know that almost hurts to think about. Flowers are a huge expense when it comes to weddings, and maybe table placements like succulents, tea light candles or mason jars can be a more cost effective option. The good news is, you can cut down on costs and still keep some of your flower dreams alive by incorporating more greenery, branches and nature like elements with a few flower features scattered around.

Can’t get enough of flowers? Well you can fill your Hen’s night with them instead - check out our Sparkly Extras for flower decorations and flower crowns!

Food Stations

Instead of a sit down three course meal, food stations can leave everyone just as satisfied for a fraction of the cost. They also encourage people to be more social and spend time together throughout the wedding rather than sitting at allocated tables. We’ve got some great food station ideas over here: Three Fun Wedding Food Ideas. There’s also some really cute rental boards for donut boards, cocktail stations and taco stands that serve as extra decoration for your venue! Two birds’ one stone and all of that.

Shop Around

Of course, the more places you look the more likely you are to find something at a cheaper price. Don’t forget about your local markets and handmade stores when it comes to cute centrepieces and décor!

Daynah Johnson