Hens Nights

Why Sparkle Burlesque is the BEST Choice for a Sydney Hen’s Party

When it comes to all things bride, wedding and of course bridal party, we love to keep the readers of our Glitter Gazette up to date on the latest trends, fun ideas and best options for the bride and her tribe. Since we spend so much time researching and staying informed with the wifey wants, it’s no secret that we’re always developing our own ideas and updating our services to insure we can follow suit. So if you ask us, we’d tell you we’ve got the Sydney Hen’s Party scene down pat – and we sure know how to create a send-off into married life that none of the girls will forget any time soon. Let us tell you why we’re the best option when you’re looking for one of the most fun things to do in Sydney for a Bachelorette blow out!

We Cater to Your Taste

Burlesque can sound a little daunting, especially when it’s something that you’ve never done. You can make it a little more familiar thanks to our wide range of packages – from Bump ‘n’ Grind or Retro through to Hip Hop or Show Girl style packages there’s really something to suit your squad style. We also take song requests when we confirm your booking, so it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to jam to a little Beyoncé or a bit of Biggie, we’re here to make the Bride to Be happy.

We’re a little bit… extra

Of course you want to do something big for your hen’s night! And of course, you want to feel like the whole world has changed its orbit simply so it can now revolve around you. Luckily, our bubbly and friendly teachers are experts at making you feel exactly like that as we encourage you to embrace your inner lioness and sparkle like the star you are! With fun sparkly extras like a little more champers, a cake, flower crowns and decorations and party bags to name a few, you’ll really set it off with one of our full packages. The mini photo shoot at the end is another way we make it all about you!


We’re the best choice for a Sydney Hen’s Party venue simply because we love bridal showers so much. We strive to make sure you have the best time possible and everything runs smoothly, because we know how monumental this night is for you and your gals. This is a night to remember forever, and we make sure you remember it for all of the right reasons.

Have a browse around our website, and we’re sure you’ll find a party package that matches your sparkly desires. Contact us if you have any questions! Hope to shimmy and shine with you soon!

Daynah Johnson