Sparkle Burlesque teachers love burlesque and are passionate about passing on the art of the tease to our hens parties, corporate events, workshop students and birthday groups.

Hens party in Sydney

Ms Sparkles (Director of Sparkle)

Ms Sparkles is the founder of Sparkle Burlesque and loves teaching the art of the tease and revealing your inner glamour queen. She has performed on stages across Sydney with a focus on classic burlesque and was the winner of the inaugural Sydney Tattoo and Body Art Expo Pin Up Pageant. She loves to shimmy and shake along to the Burlesque movie soundtrack when no one (or everyone) is watching!




Bridie Doll

Sydney dancer Bridie Doll is a champagne soaked, lipstick stained master of the art of vintage dance. With a background in jazz ballet, contemporary dance and performance art, her love for music and movement ranges from 1950s showgirl choreography to 60s gogo, 80s dance and the art of tease - classic burlesque. Her career has taken her from the underground rock & roll clubs of Tokyo to glittering movie sets and everything in between. Taking out the ‘Dance Mom’ award at the 2017 burlesque community awards she is a popular local instructor and regularly teaches across Sydney.

Hens party Sydney

Sydney hens party

Mama La Roux

Mama La Roux has been performing and teaching in Sydney since 2010 and has loved every minute. Crowned the winner of the first Burlesque Idol Sydney in 2014 and Miss Rubenesque Australia in 2015, she has graced stages in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.Often said to be the long lost love child of Dame Edna Everage Mama knows how to show people a good time.  She's quirky and fun, friendly and flamboyant and has a neo burlesque style that delights audiences around the country.